Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - DYNAMICS

Winter Term 2022/23

The following courses are offered in the Winter Term 2022/23:


Core Theory: Democratic Responsiveness

by Dr. Bastian Becker

This course will introduce the PhD students to the central concepts and theories of democratic responsiveness.  Starting with a discussion of the underlying   theoretical models of political representation in democratic societies, the course will introduce our doctoral ... (read more)


Core Theory: Public Policy & Demographic Change

by Prof. Dr. Michaela Kreyenfeld

This course introduces our PhD students to the central concepts and theories of demographic research. The course introduces basic demographic concepts, such as the Lexis-diagram, the life course perspective and discusses the problem of separating ... (read more)


Core Methods: Foundations: Estimation and Identification

by Prof. Dr. Johannes Giesecke

This course will guide our PhD students through workhorse methods in cross-sectional, time-series and panel data analysis with specific attention to causal identification. This applied course begins with a review of OLS regression assumptions and ... (read more)

Prof. Heike Klüver

Research Seminar

by Prof. Dr. Heike Klüver

This seminar is designed as an interdisciplinary workshop in which doctoral researchers will present the progress of their dissertation projects. During the first academic year, the focus will be on developing the final dissertation proposal that is submitted at the end of the first year. During the second and third year, PhD students will present their ongoing work on the ... (read more)


Lecture Series

In order to not only guarantee interdisciplinary exchange within the Research Training Group, but also to encourage international exchange, a lecture series will be organized by the pillar coordinators. Renowned national and international scholars that are working on research questions related to Demography, Democratic Processes and Public Policy will be invited to present ... (read more)