Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - DYNAMICS

Summer Term 2020

The following courses are offered in the Summer Term 2020:


Core Theory: Theories of Comparative Public Policy 

by Prof. Dr. Anke Hassel

Successful policy-making depends on the understanding of the local and national institutional context. There is ample evidence in the policy literature that there is no “one size fits all” toolbox but rather different pathways and policy tools that can work towards the same goals. Using a highly influential ... (read more)


Core Methods: Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Diversity Across the Life Course

by Prof. Dr. Michaela Kreyenfeld

This course teaches basic sociological concepts and empirical methods that enable students to study mobility across the life course. How long does it take to leave poverty or unemployment? What determines upward mobility in the labor market? When do individuals leave education, the parental ... (read more)


Core Methods: Programming Methods for Data Retrieval and Management

by Dr. Christopher Gandrud

The rapid growth of the World Wide Web over the past two decades tremendously changed the way in which we share, collect and publish data. The web is full of data that are of great interest to scientists and businesses alike. Firms, public institutions and private users provide every imaginable type of ... (read more)

Prof. Heike Klüver

Research Seminar

by Prof. Dr. Heike Klüver

This seminar is designed as an interdisciplinary workshop in which doctoral researchers will present the progress of their dissertation projects. During the first academic year, the focus will be on developing the final dissertation proposal that is submitted at the end of the first year. During the second and third year, PhD students will present their ongoing work on the ... (read more)


Lecture Series

In order to not only guarantee interdisciplinary exchange within the Research Training Group, but also to encourage international exchange, a lecture series will be organized by the pillar coordinators. Renowned national and international scholars that are working on research questions related to Demography, Democratic Processes and Public Policy will be invited to present ... (read more)