Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - DYNAMICS






Progress assessment


  • Supervision committee: 1st and 2nd supervisor from HU Berlin and Hertie School, 3rd from external university
  • Supervision agreement: outlines rights and duties of doctoral researcher and her/his supervisor
  • Supervisors provide scientific and career advice as well as counseling
  • Guidance in conference and publication strategy as well as career planning
  • Doctoral researchers obtain their PhD programme at their supervisor’s institution


  • Close and frequent interactions with supervisors thanks to excellent ratio of professors to doctoral researchers (at HU Berlin and Hertie School)
  • Research seminar: doctoral researchers present progress of their work to the Spokesperson, fellow doctoral researchers and their supervisors
  • Milestones:
    • 1st year: Final dissertation proposal
    • 2nd year: DYNAMICS poster session
Promoting scientific independence


  • Conferences: DYNAMICS encourages (and finances) participation at major national and international conferences
  • Publishing: DYNAMICS is encouraging, assisting and supporting PhD students to publish their work in internationally visible outlets
  • Teaching: PhD students may teach a course at the Department of Social Sciences or the Hertie School towards the end of the PhD programme to gain valuable teaching experience