Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - DYNAMICS

Research Seminar

by Prof. Dr. Heike Klüver


This seminar is designed as an interdisciplinary workshop in which doctoral researchers will present the progress of their dissertation projects. During the first academic year, the focus will be on developing the final dissertation proposal that is submitted at the end of the first year. During the second and third year, PhD students will present their ongoing work on the dissertations such as the theory, the research design, the analysis chapter or specific papers in case of a cumulative dissertation depending on the status and the needs of the individual PhD students.
All PhD students present their work once per term which ensures quality control, regular feedback and which is a major instrument for the timely completion of the dissertations. The research seminar will make sure that there is a constant exchange between the PhD students about their projects that fosters interdisciplinary exchange across the different disciplines covered by the Research Training Group and will be an important pillar of cohort building. The supervisors will attend the sessions in which their respective PhD students will present.