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Initiation of doctoral examination process

Initiation of doctoral examination process

(Eröffnung des Promotionsverfahrens)


Submitting your dissertation and initiating the doctoral examination process

Documents needed

  • The form available at the link below
  • CV
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Five hard-copies of your dissertation
  • List of members of the doctoral commission (supervision committee, 1 postdoc, 1 doctoral student) signed by supervisor
  • Transcript of Records with all Credit Points (can be requested at BGSS)
  • Solemn affirmation that you have not applied for a doctorate elsewhere (see link)
  • Solemn affirmation that you accept the doctoral procedures solemn affirmation (see link)

Contact Person

Frau Kerstin Ludwig

Email k.ludwig(at)

Phone 2093 66153

Georgenstr. 47, Room 133

Forms & Further Information