Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences - Berlin Graduate School of Social Science

Fátima Ávila Acosta

Fátima Ávila Acosta

BGSS Generation 2022



Violence Against Women in Politics: Citizen Perceptions and Democratic Culture



Prof. Dr. Thamy Pogrebinschi



This research project seeks to answer the following question: To what extent are citizens' perceptions of violence against women in politics consistent with their country's democratic culture? By exploring citizen attitudes regarding violence against women in politics (VAWIP), the present research proposal will contribute to analyzing if citizens have internalized the democracy-devastating belief that this type of violence is or should be the “natural cost” of doing politics for women. To answer the research question, this dissertation is structured as a comparative case study between Mexico and Colombia. I will first assess the status of the democratic culture of each country by analyzing two basic operational multi-level dimensions of democratic culture: civic components and institutional political structure. Secondly, and to analyze citizen perceptions on VAWIP, data will be extracted from focus groups to collect perspectives, attitudes, and cultural beliefs of different groups through cross-sectioning from different population groups. Finally, I will analyze to what extent are citizen perceptions consistent with the democratic culture in order to understand how democratic culture interacts and reflects on citizen perceptions regarding VAWIP. Considering that citizens’ attitudes are crucial for the definition of social problems, the perpetration of social conducts, and for measuring progress or setbacks in democratic systems, the general objective of this research is to explore the relationship between democratic culture and citizen perceptions and attitudes towards VAWIP.