Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences - Berlin Graduate School of Social Science

Dominika Tronina

Dominika Tronina

BGSS Generation 2020



(Transnational) Illiberal Alliances and Social Media: Connecting beliefs and strategies?



Prof. Dr. Silvia von Steinsdorff


In recent years, the internet and especially social media platforms have become one crucial element or even battleground of contesting aspects of liberalism and liberal democracies. This phenomenon is composed of various actors and campaigns, such as right-wing populist parties, anti-gender campaigns, or far right and anti-immigration movements which are considered being particularly influential in building networks, disseminating their worldviews and mobilizing dissent online.
The project, therefore, investigates the role of social media in challenging liberalism in Eastern and Western European countries. With special emphasis on the interplay among actors from different fields of interest as well as transnational contacts, it examines the impact of digital networking on the forms, strategies and success of online mobilization. Therein, it explores and compares the tactics and discourses across movements and countries. Drawing on social movement theory and following a mixed methods approach, social network analysis as well as frame and content analysis will be applied to study the actors’ activities on Twitter.