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Ann Väljataga

Ann Väljataga

BGSS Generation 2022



Privacy in military cyber operations: an interplay between international human rights and humanitarian law



Prof. Dr. Anna-Bettina Kaiser



Ann has a background in international cyber security and digital rights advocacy, her doctoral research focuses on how the right to privacy is interpreted and protected during an armed conflict and within the military context more broadly. It investigates the various models of concurrent applicability of international human rights and humanitarian law, and seeks to identify the most optimal theoretical model of (co-)applying the two regimes to military cyber operations. As black-letter law will likely not serve as a comprehensive guide to understanding privacy in times of conflict, in search of answers, the project will explore other disciplines such as history and psychology, and involve an element of empirical legal study. The socio-legal aspect is fostered through a detailed mapping of how commanders, combatants, military technologists and humanitarian workers understand their responsibilities related to data protection and privacy.