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Melisa Ross

Melisa Ross

BGSS Generation 2017



Postneoliberalism and the Left Turn in South America (2003-2016): A conceptual reconstruction

                                                                                                                                   (c) by David Ausserhofer


Prof. Dr. Thamy Pogrebinschi



This dissertation develops a novel approach to assess state reforms conducted by the electoral wave called “the left turn” in Latin America’s Southern Cone, and more generally by progressive governments in Latin America.

Engaging with the ongoing conversation about the performance, successes, and shortcomings of the electoral wave that brought left-leaning governments to lead Executives across the continent, this research examines documentary evidence from progressive governments in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, who have advanced similar reforms during a common time frame (2003-2016).

In particular, it examines to what extent the concept of Postneoliberalism (Macdonald and Ruckert 2009, Panizza, 2009, Rovira Kaltwasser, 2011, Ruckert, Macdonald, and Proulx 2017) might shed light on the hybridity of the left turn’s political praxis. The concept has recently regained momentum as the Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the very fundamentals of neoliberalism, including the relegation of the state, the prioritization of profit-oriented service delivery in essential areas such as health and care work, and the steering role of governments in times of crisis (Sader, 2020, Gerbaudo, 2021).



Recent Publications

Pogrebinschi, T., & Ross, M. (2021). Inovações Democráticas na América Latina. Revista Debates, 15(1), 33-63.

Ross, M. (2021). Después del reconocimiento¿ la patrimonialización? Políticas, espacios y prácticas de memoria en el caso argentino. Mirada, Memoria, Territorio.

Morán, A., & Ross, M. (2021). CabildoxLatAm: a digital and transnational townhall in Latin America.

Pogrebinschi, T., & Ross, M. (2019). Democratic Innovations in Latin America. In Handbook of Democratic Innovation and Governance. Edward Elgar Publishing.



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Research Fellowship for the Healthier Democracies Project at Public Agenda (NYC, USA).