Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie

SINGOCOM - Social Innovation, Governance and Community Building

Projektlaufzeit: 01.09.2001 - 31.08.2004
Gefördert durch: European Commission

Projektleitung: Hartmut Häußermann
Projektmitarbeiter/innen: Julia Gerometta

The research seeks to contribute to developing our theoretical understanding of and furthering the practice of social innovation in urban neighbourhood re-vitalisation strategies. A network of 8 partner research institutions from 5 countries will critically evaluate existing practices of and literature on territorial innovation, integrated area development and social economy initiatives in 9 European cities.The project will put forward an Alternative Model of Local Innovation (ALMOLIN) that serves as a matrix for the detailed evaluation of 15 social economy initiatives in the case-study cities. For each of these, the governance dynamics, organisational structures, and future development trajectories will be assessed with an eye towards identifying best practice examples. The latter, in turn, will form the basis for the formulation of recommendations for EU, national, and local social innovation policy. A social innovation policy is urgently needed to complement existing technological innovation policies.

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