Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS)

Zelalem Teshome Baye

Zelalem Teshome Baye

BGSS Generation 2017



Political Representation in Highly Divided Societies: Reflection on Deliberative and Agonistic Theories of Democracy.






Political representation is one of the central concepts in democracy. Nevertheless, it is the most vexing, sophisticated, contesting and under-researched issue. This dissertation project focuses on the role of political representation in highly divided societies. Based on the traditionally binary roles of political representatives as trustee and as delegate; it explores and delineates the conceptions of political representation within deliberative and agonistic contemporary theories of democracy. It reflects critically on the implications of their conceptions and arguments on the socio-political contexts of highly divided societies. Above all, it aims to provide justifications for and develop a conception of political representation that potentially best serve as guiding ideal to establish the envisaged well-functioning and stable democratic society in highly divided societies.


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