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dock europe e.V.

dockeurope_Logo_color_RGB.jpegSince 2005 dock europe e.V. organizes political trainings, further education and international exchanges in the field of organizing education and social work. Our favourite themes and passions deal with social and pedagogical intervention as well as communication in the European immigration society.


We consider the immigration society like the complex and diverse Europe both as a highly valuable reality and a challenge. The urban, the city as a place where differences are condensed and informal knowledge is unlimited represents the perfect laboratory for collective learning and action.


We valorise the richness of linguistic diversity and we contribute to a structurally open multilingual city, in which all the people can exercise their rights. We sensitize to diversity issues, against discrimination and populism. We especially care at developing participative and active educational formats that we propose in our own education centre where we provide for conference rooms and a guesthouse (since 2016, as we became member of the cooperative fux eG, a collectively run place for culture, education and production)


The colleagues of dock europe e.V. moderate events, accompany self-organized processes and propose projects and organisation development in the field of school, youth welfare, migration and refugees as well as social urban development.


Internationales Bildungszentrum dock europe e.V.

Bodenstedtstraße 16 | Hinterhof | Eingang West

22765 Hamburg- Altona


Phone: +49 (0)40 80 60 92 13 or +49 (0)40 80 60 92 20 for bookings in our education centre

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