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Ausländerrat Dresden e.V.

Logo_Ausländerrat.jpegThe „Ausländerrat Dresden e.V.“ is a  non-profit organization founded 1990 by migrants and people who already lived in Dresden. The organization is active on migrant’s behalf with many different services and is acknowledged as agency of the independent youth welfare services. 


How does it work specifically? 

At five locations in Dresden, a multilingual team (80 full-time workers, 14 volunteers, trainees in different projects and ca. 100 other volunteers) offers: 

  • Advice and Guidance for social, legal and health questions, help with bureaucratic matters as well as asylum – and social advice
  • culture and (political) education, for example in schools with the project “Grenzen überwinden”, as well as the organization of exhibitions, events and commemorations for Jorge Gomondai and Marwa El-Sherbini
  • programs for children, teenagers and families, in form of parent-consultations, the parent-children get-together MOSAIK, the mobile offer (streetwork) MOBA
  • Accompany facilities, that provide youth work, in social opening processes through disseminator work, as well as cooperation in different committees and networks
  • Meeting and Exchange, in form of father-meetings, women-get-togethers, the Café Halva, a youth club and within the framework of the project “Bildungspatenschaften” ; as well as rooms that can be rent by different groups and initiatives in our main office house 
  • a multilingual kindergarten


The “Ausländerrat Dresden e.V.” aims to support and develop the cultural, structural, social and political participation of migrants and refugees as well as to improve the living and working together of the nationalities, the communities and the cultures in Dresden characterized by understanding, appreciation, acceptance and respect. Sensitizing the public and responsible people to the problems of migrants and refugees is a huge interest of the organization. We live in a migration influenced society and want to take part of its creation in Dresden. 

Hence, the “Ausländerrat Dresden e.V.“  supports the project “Nachbarschaften des Willkommens” in Dresden as a practical partner. 

contact: Internationales Begegnungszentrum; Heinrich-Zille-Straße 6; 01219 Dresden

E-Mail: or with the contact form under