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Transatlantic Excursions on „Multilevel Governance and Federal Politics in Comparison“ in March & May 2022

Call for Applications

Transatlantic Excursions within the
„Multilevel Governance and Federal Politics in Comparison“
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), USA:
March 20th, 2022 – March 26th, 2022
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), Germany:
May 15th, 2022 – May 21st, 2022
Co-Lecturers: Dr. Claudia Matthes (HU) and Dr. Dominic Nyhuis (UNC)


These two excursions are offered as workshops in continuation of a seminar currently conducted jointly at UNC and HU: „European Multilevel Governance“ (UNC) and „Germany – a Federal System in Europe“ (HU). However, students who did not participate in the seminar can apply as well.

The two workshops cover a variety of issues on contemporary US and German politics. Specifically, they will provide insights into historical, institutional, and political culture perspectives on European and American federalism in comparison. In addition to attending seminars at each partner university, students participating in the 5-day excursions to UNC and HU will partake in an accompanying program. This program will consist of academic discussions, meetings with fellow students, career-related events, intercultural workshops, meetings with local politicians and representatives of civil
society, as well as visits to museums. In addition to the 5-day excursions, there will be pre- and post-travel meetings with all selected students to prepare for the meetings and work on the collaborative projects.

Students currently taking the abovementioned seminars at UNC and HU are especially encouraged to apply. Additionally, the excursion is also open to participants from the following degree programs:

- HU: MA Sozialwissenschaften, M. Ed. Lehramt an Grundschulen, MA Contemporary European Studies, MA German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences, MA Research Training Program in Social
Sciences, MA Transatlantic Masters
- UNC: BA Contemporary European Studies, BA Political Science, BA Global Studies, MA Transatlantic Masters (others may apply, please contact Kayla Bassett for more information)

Participation in both workshops can be recognized for 5 credit points at HU.


Interested students are asked to draft a one-page project proposal on an issue related to US-German or EU-US relations, considering the impact of federalism in a comparative perspective and/or multi-level governance in a broader sense. The project should be conceptualized in a way that it can be conducted with a student from the partner university within the timeframe of the two excursions. As this demands some digital interaction, also all project results will be made available online to
the participants. Please make sure that the project indicates which digital output you envision for it (i.e., wiki-entry, glossary-entry, blog entry, etc).

Ten students per university will be chosen to participate and receive financial support for the excursions to UNC/Chapel Hill and HU/Berlin respectively. Selected participants will be supported with funds by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with a lump sum of 1,270.00 € per HU student and 1,275.00 € per UNC student respectively (to cover the travel, visa, accommodation, and food costs). UNC undergraduates must be returning to UNC in the fall of 2023 to be eligible to apply.

Students who have limited experiences abroad as well as those whose degree does not include a compulsory stay abroad, are especially encouraged to apply. Students for whom, for various reasons – e.g., physical limitations, care responsibilities, financial means – a longer stay abroad to gain international and intercultural experience has not been possible so far are specifically invited to apply. Please make sure to provide information on your mobility status/overseas study experience in your

Students from HU and UNC eager to join the transatlantic excursion are
asked to send in the following documents (in English):

- CV/resume
- Letter of motivation (1-page/500 words max.)
- Short proposal for a project on US and German federalism in comparative perspective (1-page/500 words max.)

Please send in your application documents no later than December 1st, 2021 in one pdf-file to both:

Kayla Bassett,
Urszula Ewa Woźniak,