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International Master Programs

As commissioner of international affairs, Silvia von Steinsdorff oversees all international degree programs at the Institute of Social Sciences and their academic, conceptual, and organizational development.


GeT MA - German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences

Get MA is a joined Social Science Master program of Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara and Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. Participants study in the first year at METU and complete their studies in the second year in Berlin.

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MA Research Training Program MA RTP

The MA RTP is a one-year program particularly designed for students focused on research; for those who are interested to enter a PhD program in Germany after having completed the MA-RTP.

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Master of European Governance and Administration MEGA

MEGA is a joined German-French Master program for young executives in public administration. The program prepares its participants for a career in EU-Administration, with a particular focus on administrative cooperation on a European scale.

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Euromasters and TransAtlantic Masters Program

Euromasters and TransAtlantic Masters are two-year master programs, which offer the opportunity to study social sciences at different universities in the EU and the US. Both programs prepare graduates for a career in business, administration, diplomacy, public policy or research.

Euromasters Program

TransAtlantic Masters Program