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Reyhan Atasü-Topçuoğlu is our new visiting Scholar


From September 2020 to July 2021, Professor Reyhan Atasü-Topcuoğlu is a visiting scholar in the chair of Prof. Dr. Silvia von Steinsdorff. We look forward to work with you!


Reyhan Atasü Topcuoğlu received her B.A. in Economics at Bilkent University and her first M.A. in Sociology at Middle East Technical University and the second in social work at Hacettepe University. She obtained her PhD in sociology at Humboldt University. She is currently an associate professor at Hacettepe University, Department of Social Work. She was a visiting research fellow at ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon and Vienna University. 


Her research interests are migration, refugees, human trafficking, social policy and social work, care policy, human rights, and feminist theory. Currently, she is working on migration policy and the positioning of refugees and immigrants in city-regions. She is the author of "Ideology and Human Trafficking" published by Routledge and also several other articles. 


Selected Publications


  • Atasü-Topcuoğlu, R. (2020) Welfare State Responses and Social Workers' Attitudes towards Syrian Women in Turkey, in Williams, L., Coskun, E., Kaska, S. (Eds.) Women, Migration and Asylum Seeking in Turkey, Palgrave: London 
  • Atasü-Topcuoğlu, R. (2019). Syrian refugee entrepreneurship in Turkey: Integration and the use of immigrant capital in the informal economy. Social Inclusion, 7(4), 200-210. 
  • Atasü-Topçuoğlu, R. (2019) Media Discussion on the Naturalization Policy for Syrians in Turkey. International Migration, 57(2) 283-297.
  • Atasü-Topcuoğlu, R. (2019) What We Know and Do Not Know about Syrian Women's Labor Force Participation in Turkey: Questioning the Boundaries of Knowledge, Yılmaz, G., Karatepe, İ., Tören, T. (Eds.) Integration through Exploitation: Syrians in Turkey, (pp.9128-141), München: International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) University of Kassel - Rainer Hampp Verlag 
  • Atasü-Topçuoğlu, R. (2015) Ideology and the Fight against Human Trafficking, Routledge: New York (Paperback, 2017) 
  • Atasü-Topcuoğlu, R. (2012) Profiling Migrant Children in Turkey: Social Policy and Social Work Sugesstions - A Rapid Assessment Research, IOM .