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Report on the seminar "Emergencies and Executives"

"Executives and Emergencies" - under this title over 30 students from Humboldt University and Princeton University discussed from 18th - 20th June about how one can effectively protect the population from the dangers of terrorist attacks or pandemics without uncontrolled empowerment of governments and endangering democracy. This year's interdisciplinary seminar of the CONSTRESS project, which has been funded by the Princeton-Humboldt Strategic Partnership Initiative since 2016 (funding for the successful project has just been approved for three more years), could unfortunately only take place online. The subsequent thematic workshop, in which the students discuss their work with international experts, should follow as soon as possible on site in Princeton or Berlin.


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On the HU side, Prof. Dr. Silvia v. Steinsdorff (Institute for Social Sciences, KSBF) and Prof. Dr. Anna-Bettina Kaiser (Faculty of Law) are jointly responsible for CONSTRESS. More information - including a podcast produced by students on the topic - at: and