Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Language Courses


It is possible to take German courses accompanying courses of study at the ISW. The registration for these courses takes place through the Language Centre. In order to correctly identify your level of German, students are asked to take a placement test [C-Test] online. Students should plan 30 minutes to complete the test, should take the test seriously and complete it honestly and independently, in order to identify correctly their corresponding level. German intensive courses take place at the HU before the start of the semester.

Other Languages

Students interested in learning other languages may choose freely from those offered by the HU Language Centre.


The Language Centre charges participation fees for all language courses (in semester 20 euros for 2 SWS, 40 euros for 4 SWS, prior to the semester 450 euros). It is recommended to book a place on a language course as soon as the booking window opens; they fill up very quickly.