Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Management Board of the Department

Employees of the Department receive access to the proceedings of the board for the current semester, for which the Departmental Office can provide a link. 

Meetings take place through videoconferencing. A ZOOM link for the public part of the meeting will be published several days prior to the meeting.


Sessions Wintersemester 2021

(state: 28.06.2021). 20.10.2021, 10.11.2021, 08.12.2021. For january and february 2022  appointments have not been settled yet.

Requests for agenda items and applications to the board must be sent by email to the Departmental Office at least ten days before the meeting for which they should be on the agenda.


Composition of the board (7 voting members)

  • 4 professors
  • 1 non-professorial academic staff member
  • 1 TSV (technology, service and administration) staff member 
  • 1 student
  • Permanent guests: Babett Wöhl; the Women’s Representative of the Department.


Group of professors:

  • Steinsdorff, Silvia von
  • Yurdakul, Gökce
  • Giesecke, Johannes
  • Meyer, Thomas
  • Wimbauer, Christine (D)
  • Klüver, Heike (D)
  • Mau, Steffen (D)
  • Lersch, Philipp (D)


Group of non-professorial academic staff members:

  • Holm, Andrej
  • Zagel, Hannah (D)
  • Nagelschmidt, Martin (D)


Group of TSV (technology, service and administration) staff members:

  • Kerstiens, Katja
  • Serbedzija, Vojin (D)


Group of students:

  • Löffler, Clemens
  • Huber, Julia (D)
  • Martinez Gimeno, Claudia (D)
  • Grigoleit, Kylia (D)
  • Kell, Marcus (D)
  • Keskinkilic, Ozan (D)
  • Schmidt, Marie (D)
  • Magister, Janek Stefan (D)

Women’s representative:

  • Yalcinkaya, M. A. Tugba
  • Hascher, Marleen (D)


(D) = Deputy