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Overview of IT services at ISW


Please send help requests for first level support only to and not to the personal addresses of the individual employees!


  • Head of IT-Services: Dr. Markus Schrenker


  • IT-Administrator: Saad Chaaban

Windows-Support;Mac-Support; Office hours: Mo-Th 8.00-15.30

  • IT-Administrator: N. N.

Windows-Support;Mac-Support; Office hours:


The Department provides rental laptops for students, employees and lecturers.

The application for a rental device is made informally by email to the department's secretary ( with a brief description of the needs. The devices are assigned according to the sequence of inquiries and availability. There is no legal entitlement.
The institutional e-mail address (... must be used for the request.
In addition, the full name, current address and telephone number, course of study and matriculation number must be given.
A copy of your ID and a current Immatrikulationsbescheinigung must be submitted for the loan. The originals of the documents must also be presented when borrowing. Please read the conditions for loan.




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