Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences - Berlin Graduate School of Social Science

Doctoral Degree

After the completion of the programme, the Doctoral Degree of the Doctor Europaeus will be awarded respecting the formal requirements specified by the Conference of the Rectors of Universities in E.U. countries.

  • The evaluation of the Doctoral Thesis is based not only on the judgment of the supervisor at the candidate's home university, but also on the written reports of at least two professors from partner universities.
  • The Doctoral Commission is composed of professors from different partner universities and includes an international expert external to the network of the Sess.EuroPhD.
  • The full Doctoral Thesis may be written in a European language of the country where the doctorate is sustained. A short version, in a format ready to be submitted to an international journal, must be written in English.
  • Based on an inter-university agreement, the Doctor Europaeus is awarded by the legal representative of the home university on behalf of the partner universities. Several partner universities also award the country specific doctoral title.