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Program Costs and Funding

Program Costs

GET MA is a fee based program. Tuition fees for the two-year academic program amount to 10 000 € and need to be paid in 2 tranches at METU during the first year of studies. In the 3. and 4. semester students need to pay a semester contribution of around 315, 00 € at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Students have to cover costs of living.

The collected fees are entirely used to cover the costs for the GET MA program.

The use of tuition fees is as follows:

Teaching app. 50%
Staff app. 25%
Equipment app. 15%
Travel Expenses app. 5%

Additionally enrolment fees of around 315 € have to be paid in the third and fourth semester at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. This amount includes service fees (around 115 €) as well as a  seasonal student ticket for public transport (Semesterticket) in and around Berlin for six months (around 200 €).


GET MA provides a certain number of DAAD-scholarships for non-German students and a limited number of tuition fee reductions to qualified students from all nationalities.

For the non-German students of the new GET MA cohort 2024-2026 a total of five DAAD scholarships are available for the first part of the programme in Ankara (12 months). Three scholarships for students from Türkiye and two scholarships for international students from third countries. The scholarships are financed by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office (AA). They include a monthly scholarship of 725,00 € to cover the cost of living and a contribution to the tuition fees at METU of 2.500,00 €. Students who are interested in a scholarship should indicate this on their application form. The distribution of scholarships will be decided during the admissions process. Applicants will be notified when being made an offer for the program.

Additionally, students with a permanent address in Germany and a secure and long-term residence permit status can apply for federal financial support abroad (Auslandsförderung, BAföG). A part from living costs BAföG also offers financial support for travelling costs and tuition fees up to 4600€ for one year.

Furthermore there is a variety of foundations that provide financial support to students, the most famous ones being those affiliated with German political parties. Moreover, there are several funding options offered by corporations, union and even by individuals.

An internet search is highly recommended (i.e. Association of German Foundations). Each foundation chooses the candidates according to its own criteria for eligibility. It might even be the case that you cannot apply on your own but have to be recommended by a third person.

Most foundations offer a special academic support program alongside the student’s regular studies. Additional counseling is provided by the Studienkompass (website in German).

GET MA applicants are highly encouraged to apply for external funding. On the following pages further information on scholarships as well as a list of relevant scholarship institutions can be found: