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Third Party Funding and Loans

As not all students can receive financial support, application to third party organizations is encouraged.

Student loans have become an attractive alternative for students to finance their studies. If you are interested in loans, it is highly recommended to check out the requirements, terms of contract, annual percentage rates and reimbursement conditions of loan programs.

If you are a resident in Turkey, Spain, Romania, Italy or Croatia and plan to study GeT MA in Germany, you might be eligible for an Erasmus+ Master Degree Loan. Please see more details on the Erasmus+ loan website.

Further assistance for other loan options can be found online via:

If you are in your senior year, you may also be eligible for the special educational loans offered by the German Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt).

Especially for students from Germany the latest 'CHE student loan test 2017' is helpfull to get an overview of different ways of funding.