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BIP 2023 Bodrum

In August, the ERASMUS Blended Intensive Program (BIP) took place in Bodrum, Turkey. The course "Contemporary Issues in World Politics" enabled 11 students of the German-Turkish Masters Program (GeT MA) and the MA Social Sciences of the Institute of Social Sciences to exchange ideas with Turkish, Bulgarian and American students on current issues. A special highlight was the presence of former Ambassador and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Ahmet Üzümcü. The course was organized in cooperation with TOBB ETÜ. In addition to lectures, there were high-level panels on current security policy in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions. The exchange with students and experts allowed participants to gain broader perspectives and valuable networking.

Cross-border knowledge exchange: ERASMUS program brings students from around the world to Bodrum

As part of the ERASMUS Blended Intensive Program (BIP), the exciting course "Contemporary Issues in World Politics" took place at Bodrum Institute in Bodrum. From June 5 to 9, 26 international students had the opportunity to participate in this course.

The course was organized as a cooperation between TOBB ETÜ, Rakovski National Defense College (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Humboldt-Universität. In addition to the participants from Turkey, Bulgaria and Germany, students from LSE also participated in the courses, which further promoted internationalization and intercultural exchange.

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Before and after the face-to-face event in Bodrum, part of the course was conducted online, while the rest took place in Bodrum. This mix of online and face-to-face events allowed students to interact with their international peers and gain valuable experience for their future careers.

The BIP was led by an impressive group of renowned faculty, including Prof. Dr. Haldun Yalçınkaya from TOBB ETÜ, Prof. Dr. Özlem TÜR from Middle East Technical University Ankara - the academic director of the GeT MA program at METU, Prof. Dr. Sinem Akgül Açıkmeşe from Kadir Has University, and many other experts* from various renowned educational institutions.

As a special highlight, participants had the opportunity to meet former Ambassador and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Ahmet Üzümcü. He chaired a panel on "Contemporary Issues in the Eastern Mediterranean". The panel was held at the Bodrum Maritime Museum. Other panelists* were Prof. Dr. Dimitri Triantaphyllou from Panteion University (Athens, Greece), Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer from Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University and Assoc. Prof. Pınar İpek from TOBB ETÜ.

In addition, another panel on "Contemporary Issues in the Black Sea Region" was organized. This panel was moderated by Prof. Dr. Sinem Akgül Açıkmeşe from Kadir Has University with the participation of Prof. Dr. Mitat Çelikpala from Kadir Has University and Ambassador (R) Fatih Ceylan from Ankara Policy Center.

The BIP "Contemporary Issues in World Politics" course in Bodrum was a great success and offered students a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge, gain new perspectives and make valuable contacts. The opportunity to meet renowned speakers* from different universities and to interact with international students contributed to strengthening intercultural understanding and academic exchange.

The event in Bodrum, which took place within the framework of the ERASMUS Blended Intensive Program, underlines Humboldt-Universität's efforts to further its internationalization and to provide an enriching learning environment for students from different countries.

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The participants of the BIP course "Contemporary Issues in World Politics" returned with new insights, a deeper understanding and valuable experiences. The opportunity to listen to and discuss with top experts and to exchange ideas with their peers undoubtedly contributed to the enrichment of their academic careers.

Humboldt-Universität is pleased with the success of the BIP course in Bodrum and will continue to offer such international programs in the future to broaden students' horizons and provide them with a first-class education. The exchange of knowledge and ideas in an intercultural environment remains a central part of the University's philosophy and will continue to be encouraged.

Through such pioneering initiatives, Humboldt-Universität contributes to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cooperation on a global scale. The BIP course "Contemporary Issues in World Politics" in Bodrum was another milestone on this path and a great success for all involved.