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Alumni Conferences

In 2013 the first Alumni conference held place at METU in Ankara with a focus on migration and German-Turkish relations. Besides that new students of the program had the possibility to meet experienced Alumni from whom they learnt a lot about program issues. 

Nearly every year we organize a three-day-conference alternate in Berlin and Ankara which aim is to strengthen the intergenerational bond of the GeT MA family and to stay in contact with the Alumni community. During these conferences former and current GeT MA students can exchange their experiences, exchange about job opportunities and discuss their current research topics. Due to the attendance of extern experts of politics, sciences and economy, the Alumni have the chance for networking and learning more about career options.

The next conference will take place in October 2020.


Alumni Conference 2018

This year, in the eleventh year of the program’s existence, the GeT MA Alumni Conference took place in Ankara from November 22-25. Around fifty alumni from Germany, Turkey and the world travelled to Ankara to exchange news about their studies and professional careers over four days.  

We were thrilled about the opening of the conference with a key note speech by Prof.Dr. Sencer Ayata, one of the founding fathers of the German Turkish Master Program. The Berlin team reported about innovations in the study regulations of the program and the new cooperations with different universities in Europe and the USA. In addition, they informed about the Get MA Berlin Track, now in its third year, which offers refugees in Germany the opportunity to study the master's program in Berlin.

Gökhan Tuncer's lecture entitled "Tell me how you work, and I'l tell you who you are" made the audience laugh and think about working spaces in the city.

On Friday afternoon, former students talked about their current research and work. Kristina Shaw reported on "Racial Inequality in Education: The Importance of Social Justice Pedagogy" from her working environment in the USA and discussed similarities and differences in Europe. Annina Kull reported on her work at the Fulbright Commission and opportunities to study in the USA.


In addition, our alumni gave workshops on Design Thinking (Rona van der Zander) and Ethics and Methodology of Conducting Field Work (David Leupold) over the weekend, where there was plenty of time to exchange ideas and be creative.


Alumni Conference 2017

The fourth GeT MA Alumni Conference took place from 16th to 18th November 2017 at the Humboldt University Berlin and celebrated the tenth anniversary of the German Turkish Master Program. Since its launch in 2007, the GeT MA Programme has produced over 70 successful graduates from all regions of the world. For the second time in Berlin, we have brought a large part of them together with students of the current GeT MA year for the Alumni Conference 2017.
In addition to lectures by the program coordinators from Ankara and Berlin, the program focused on the former students themselves: Eight former students reported on their career paths and current research projects.
Ursula Moffit presented her research on "Heterogeneity in institutionalized educational processes" as part of her doctoral thesis at the University of Potsdam.
Sevket Seva presented his doctoral thesis at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin on the transformation of social policies in Turkey since the 1980s.
Serap Yilmaz described her daily work as a talent scout at Talentscouting-Köln and Daniel Meehan presented his work at the RespAct project of the CamP Group.
The diversity of the professions and their different references to studies offered space for lively discussions.


Alumni Conference 2015