Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Sozialwissenschaften

Variety of Research Options


Research at the Department of Social Sciences relates in particular to the comparative analysis of the following research areas and topics:

  • social inequality and well-being
  • social protest and social conflict
  • migration and cultural diversity
  • the clash and the management of collective identities
  • performance of mature and young democracies
  • processes of democratization, and the resilience of autocracy
  • multilevel and multinational policy
  • political institutions, political conflict, and the welfare state
  • scientific knowledge in processes of policy-making
  • the impact of science and religion on processes of inclusion and democratization
  • communicating knowledge in public spheres
  • the governance of science


Your research interest and accordingly your anticipated topic for a PhD thesis should be associated with one of the aforementioned research areas. For further information on the staff of the institute and their research interests please check the website of the department at

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