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Call for Volunteers "Europe in Review"

For more than four years, Asia in Review has been charting geopolitical currents and constitutional dynamics for a broad audience in Thailand, Southeast Asia and further afield. Now, Europe in Review (‘EiR’) is being developed in recognition of the ever-growing demand for an unmitigated and balanced picture of the legal, political and strategic developments shaping the continent.
To be launched in early 2022, the forthcoming EiR comprises four discrete information channels – Europe Monthly, Europe in Depth, Europe Forum, Europe Archive– that together provide a rich stream of current and trusted information on constitutional politics, human rights, national and collective security and defence, international relations, European governance, and geopolitics.
For this project, we are inviting applications from advanced students and young professionals who would like to contribute to a soon-to-be-launched media platform at a significant stage of its development.
If you are seriously committed to taking a writing, researching, communicating, or organizing role in an ambitious non-profit media start-up, then there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.

Roles and Responsibilities

Depending on our vacancies, we might invite you to contribute to one or more functions within the framework of the editorial channels below.
You are welcome to specify which channel interests you, but you will be considered for all channels. We will take into account your skills, interests, and time commitment.

Europe Monthly

The Europe Monthly is a curated news review that provides complete and comprehensive information on strategic developments and crucial events of the past month in a concise, engaging format.
As a member of this team, you might be responsible for researching, conceptualizing, and writing contributions on particular countries and/or topics. You will closely cooperate with an Editor, who will revise your work and provide regular feedback. Occasionally, you might also conduct interviews or assume leadership roles in smaller editorial groups. Candidates must have a very strong command of English, in addition to writing and editing skills, as well as an ability to develop a sound understanding of the relevant legal-political conditions and realities.

Europe in Depth

The Europe in Depth provides solicited background information authored by academics and think tanks as well as content produced by the Europe in Depth team. Featured formats include opinion pieces, articles, reviews, video interviews and webinars, among others.

As a member of this team, you might commission and edit high-quality submissions, organize webinars and produce video content. If you are advanced student/professional, you might also be invited to write contributions on your own or even fill a more permanent position (Associate Editor).

Europe Forum

The Europe Forum brings together several databases on experts, institutions, study & training programs, events and career opportunities, to facilitate academic interconnectivity.
For this team, we are looking for analysts who will gather and review relevant information. This is a versatile role for those interested in using open-source intelligence to develop a sound understanding of the intellectual infrastructure of a country.
People fluent in languages other than English, both written and spoken, are especially encouraged to apply for this team.

Managing Unit

Within the Managing Unit, possible responsibilities and tasks include strategic planning & supervision, copy-editing, marketing & outreach, and human resource management.

Why get involved?

As we are expanding, you have great possibilities to involve yourself in a meaningful and interesting way by taking a responsible role that fits to your interests and abilities. Beyond that, benefits include:

• mentorship by dedicated supervisors,
• the advancement of your analytical and writing skills,
• a growing and deepening understanding of an intellectual area,
• the experience of being part of an ambitious start-up,
• leads on future professional opportunities, and
• the opportunity to broaden academic and personal connectivity around Europe and further afield.

All EiR contributors receive a qualified certificate. This certification is issued upon request and can also be changed into an internship certificate.


A genuine interest in working with us, and the willingness to quickly learn how to carry out assigned tasks independently and responsibly will be critical.
Further, you should have at least an equivalent of ten hours to spare each week. While the minimum duration of your commitment may depend on the position you apply for, it should be for a minimum total of four months.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted via email to Ms. Venus Phuangkom ( and should include:

• A cover letter setting out briefly your interest in our work and the responsibilities you are interested in,
• A curriculum vitae (CV), and
• A portrait photo (jpeg).

We will respond to every application as soon as we can. Usually, this is within 10 working days of receipt of your
application, though at busy times it can take a bit longer.
For more information on the general terms of the volunteering opportunity and how to apply, please visit CPG Career Opportunities.

Behind Europe in Review

Operationally, EiR is an independent publisher, developed and maintained by the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (‘CPG’), in cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation and supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V., Foundation Office Thailand.

CPG is an academic institute and think tank attached to the Faculty of Law of Thammasat University in Bangkok. Built upon a cooperation between the German universities of Frankfurt and Münster, and the Thammasat University in Thailand, it is one of only five Centers of Excellence worldwide established since 2009 under the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Government.

CPG is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and receives administrative support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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