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Gruijters Rob; Van Winkle, Zachary; Fasang, Anette E. (forthcoming 2023): Life Course trajectories and Wealth Accumulation in the United States: Comparing Late Baby Boomers and Early Millennials In: American Journal of Sociology 129.


Fasang, Anette E., Struffolino, Emanuela and Zagel, Hannah. (forthcoming 2023): Household-level Prevalence and Poverty Penalties of Working in Non-teleworkable and Non-essential Occupations: Evidence from East and West Germany in 2019. In: Journal of Social Policy Research / Zeitschrift für Sozialreform


Fasang, Anette E. and Silke Aisenbrey (forthcoming): Uncovering Social Stratification: Intersectional Inequalities in Work and Family Life Courses by Gender and Race. In: Social Forces.


Rodriguez-Sanchez, Alejandra; Anette E. Fasang and Susan Harkness (forthcoming): Gender Division of Housework During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Temporary Shocks or Durable Change? In: Demographic Research.


Legewie, Nicolas and Anette Eva Fasang (forthcoming 2021): Digital Family Research. In: Schneider, Norbert F. and Michaela Kreyenfeld (Eds.): Sociology of the Family.


Aktuelle Publikationen


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Symposium: Life-course Sequence Analysis


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