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Workshop “Public Administration in the Multilevel System” (23-24 June 2011)


The Chair organized the workshop “Public Administration in the Multilevel System” with more than 50 international scholars from the fields of Public Administration, Public Policy and International Relations.


The workshop started off with a pre-workshop session intended to give the audience the opportunity to get an update on current research projects and work in progress about the European Commission. The workshop itself comprised four regular panels that dealt with a variety of questions relating to classical issues of politicization, bureaucratic autonomy, control, public officials’ roles and bureaucratic rules and behaviour in different phases of the policy process within multilevel constellations. The stimulating presentations and vivid discussions once again showed that these classical issues of Public Administration provide fruitful research ground at the European-level (i.e. the European Parliament bureaucracy and Commission bureaucracy as well as European agencies), but also with regard to international administrations/ international organizations more generally. One of the highlights of the workshop was the dinner on Thursday evening, where Ed Page delivered an inspiring keynote speech that reminded us that voluntary subordination of civil servants and professional ethos is often theoretically underestimated in our research.


The workshop closed on Friday afternoon with a public round table. Arthur Benz, Christopher Daase, Morten Egeberg, Edgar Grande, Christoph Knill, Les Metcalfe and Ed Page shared their thoughts on the challenges of developing a new research agenda in multi-level administration. The Chair would like to thank the workshop participants for their valuable contributions and last but not least the numerous people involved in the organization that helped to make event a success both thematically and organizationally.


Workshop Program


International Workshop on “New Research on Regions in Europe” (5-6 July 2011)


This workshop, organised by Michael W. Bauer and Michaël Tatham, sought to explore new avenues of research on regions in Europe. Invited external participants included Michael Keating & Alex Wilson (both University of Aberdeen) who presented their ongoing work on spatial rescaling and interest representation in Europe; Berthold Rittberger & Stefan Götze (both University of Mannheim) who gave an update on their latest DFG project dealing with conceptual and theoretical aspects of jurisdictional reforms; Arjan Schakel (University of Maastricht) who provided an analysis of the interaction between decentralization and regionalist parties’ strength and regionalist demands; and finally Lisa Dellmuth (University of Stockholm) who provided evidence on the relation between political decentralisation and intergovernmental transfers looking at the case of EU regional development funds. Additional participants included Roland Sturm, Jörn Ege and Eva Heidbreder.


Workshop Program

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