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Students' Experiences

Brandon Bohrn, TAM Graduate 2019 from USA

Bertelsmann Foundation, USA

Brandon Bohrn
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"My time in the Transatlantic Masters program (TAM) was a very enlightening and formative experience in my academic career. The ability to study at high-level institutions on both sides of the Atlantic was especially helpful in understanding the importance, impact and future of the transatlantic partnership. Over the course of my studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, I gained helpful skill sets and perspectives on a wide range of global issues. When reflecting on my TAM experience, I am especially thankful for intelligent and helpful professors, diverse and motivated colleagues, and finally, the impact of the program on my professional development.

My studies – which included two semesters at UNC Chapel Hill and two semesters at HU Berlin – were filled with dynamic seminars on myriad topics ranging from transatlantic security and European governance to the spread of populism and Euro-Mediterranean initiatives. The expertise and passion of the professors helped me to develop a greater knowledge of the challenges facing EU-U.S. relations. Due to small class sizes, I forged close ties to my professors – this was especially helpful when completing final papers. While writing my master’s thesis, my advisor was always willing to meet and provide advice on the structure, direction and content of my work.

The diversity of the student body was outstanding in both the United States and Germany. In the U.S, students from Euromasters gave helpful insights when discussing topics such as transatlantic security and trade. In Germany, students from the GeT MA program, provided valuable perspectives on topics ranging from Germany’s Turkish diaspora to EU-U.S.-Turkish relations. Additionally, the drive of my colleagues consistently challenged and motivated me every day, and thus provided a richer learning experience.

I originally joined TAM in order to qualify myself for the jobs that truly inspire and interest me. In addition to my courses and exchanges with fellow students, the program offered me time to complete internships with the U.S. Embassy in Berlin and U.S. Senate in Washington, DC. The ability to take the knowledge I gained through TAM and apply it in a professional setting was key in developing my own expertise and improving my employability upon graduation. I continue to use the knowledge and skill sets I attained at UNC Chapel Hill and HU Berlin in my current role as Manager of Transatlantic Relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, DC. Looking back on my time in TAM, I could not be happier with the experience!


Anna Brashear, TAM Graduate 2017 from USA

AMBOSS, Germany

Anna Brashear
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"TAM is really one of the most unique and well-structured study opportunities for young people with global mindsets and career aspirations. The comparative approach provided by TAM, both in the academic framework and through the experiential lens of studying at multiple world-renowned universities, really allows you to build a multidimensional cultural and intellectual skill set. I loved this program and really think it‘s special – it was intellectually exciting, community-driven, and full of opportunity to grow as a thinker and researcher, not to mention as a global traveler and young transatlantic leader. Thank you TAM!"