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Events in Cooperation with "Blickwechsel"

The events are a co-operation between the interdisciplinary programme "Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies" and the GeT MA Program. The exchange of knowledge and insights creates a new perspective on Turkey and, at the same time, on Germany; it is only through the interplay of both perspectives that a comprehensive picture can be realised.

The interdisciplinary programme "Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies" explores in five scientific projects different aspects of current Turkish society, economy, and politics. Researchers at German and Turkish universities work together. A coordination team at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin supports this cooperation. Within the framework of this programme, Stiftung Mercator funds the academic examination of Turkey in Germany and, simultaneously, the interconnectedness of both countries in the areas of research and teaching.



Feb - Is love still possible? Queering politics in Turkey

Jan - Rethinking Europe's Future: Changing Political and Economic Dynamics in Germany and Turkey


Oct - Aesthetics of Resistance

Apr - Politicization of Television in Turkey: Reinvetning the Past, Construction the present

Jan - Revitalising Turkey-EU Relations in a Regional and Global Turmoil


Dec - Gender and Politics in Turkey

Nov - Turkish Cities in Flux - Urban space, Migration, and Right to the city

Jun - Education and Education Policy in Turkey

May - The Political Economy of Contemporary Turkey: Insights and Perspectives