Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Science studies as well as political and sociological theory

Theories play a role in all sub-disciplines of the social sciences. Theory can therefore be viewed as a cross-sectional topic in the department’s content-related work, reflected in areas such as engaging with theories of inequality, democracy and institutional theories, (micro) theories of human behaviour, theories of migration and diversity, theories of urbanisation, gender theories, theories of work, theories of international affairs, war theories, and theories of scientific research. The constitutive element here is a conceptual and historical/contextual determination of the relationship between political and social practices, structures and movements on the one hand, and  political and social ideas, theories and societal self-descriptions on the other. Theories are understood as possible answers to political and  social challenges. The arguments developed in theoretical texts are thus analysed as an interaction between empirical and descriptive stocktaking, problem diagnosis, and the conception of potential solutions.


Here you can find current research projects on science studies as well as political theory and sociological theory.

Research areas

Science Studies

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hornbostel, Prof. Dr. Martin Reinhart

Political Theory

Prof. Dr. Herfried Münkler


Prof. Dr. Andreas Reckwitz