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Selection of current publications until 2018

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Selection of current publications




  • Giger, Nathalie and Heike Klüver (2016): Voting against your constituents? How lobbying affects representation. In: American Journal of Political Science, 60(1): 190–205.

  • Studer, Matthias; Emanuela Struffolino and Anette E. Fasang (2018): Estimating the Relationship between Time-varying Covariates and Trajectories: The Sequence Analysis Multistate Model Procedure. In: Sociological Methodology: 1-34.

  • Aisenbrey, Silke and Anette E. Fasang (2017): The Interplay of Work- and Family-Trajectories across the Life Course: Germany and the United States in Comparison. In: American Journal of Sociology 122(5):1-37.

  • Heisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin and Johannes Giesecke (2017): The Costs of Simplicity: Why Multilevel Models May Benefit from Accounting for Cross-Cluster Differences in the Effects of Controls. In: American Sociological Review, Vol.82(4): 796-827.

  • Nowicka, Magdalena (2017): "I don’t mean to sound racist but ...“ Transforming racism in transnational Europe. In: Ethnic and Racial Studies: 1-18.

  • Reinhart, Martin (2017): Policing Misconduct: More Data Needed on Scientific Misconduct. In: Nature, 549 (7673): 458.

  • Gülzau, Fabian; Steffen Mau and Natascha Zaun (2016): Regional Mobility Spaces? Visa Waiver Policies and Regional Integration. In: International Migration, 54 (6): 164-180.


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.Konstantin Vössing (2017): How leaders mobilize workers: social democracy, revolution, moderate syndicalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University press.


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