Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Migration and Gender

Courses Summer 2021

Bachelorstudiengang Sozialwissenschaften



Educational Inequalities: The Role of Social Class, Gender and Migration


There is a long research tradition that deals with educational inequalities. It is a well-established finding that children’s and adolescents’ educational outcomes and educational attainment is strongly determined by their parents’ socioeconomic status, their gender and migration origin.

In this seminar, we will learn about theoretical explanations for the persisting disadvantages based on these sociodemographic characteristics and discuss classical and contemporary studies within this research area. Furthermore, we will work with survey data using Stata. The participants of this seminar should develop their own research ideas and empirically test them.  

Masterstudiengang Sozialwissenschaften


Gemeinsames BA-, MA- und Doktorandenkolloquium "Soziologie der Sozialpolitik" und "Migration und Geschlecht"