Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Science Studies

Ongoing Research Projects

Change of employment conditions in science. Longitudinal analysis (2007-18)
Phoenix - Authorship revised


A critical evaluation of the BIH Charité (Junior) Clinician Scientist Program


Determinants and effects of cooperation in homogeneous and heterogeneous research clusters (DEKiF)


Translation between Innovation, Transfer and Evaluation


Evaluation Practices in Science and Higher Education


Evaluation in Crisis?


DFG-Network: Towards an evaluation society?


Young Investigator Group: "Reflexive Metrics"


Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences and Professional Practice in Graduate Education


Completed Research Projects

Reflections on the growth of science – Research funding and evaluation in the life sciences in Switzerland


Shaming Science – Reintegration vs. Stigmatization of Deviance


DFG-Network: Sociological New Institutionalism and its idle potentials: theoretical challenges and empirical research perspectives
  • Applicants: Dr. Uli Meyer (TU Berlin), Dr. Stefan Kirchner (Hamburg), Dr. Anne K. Krüger (BBAW), Dr. Frank Meier (Bremen)
  • Running: 2014-2017


Core contents, organisational structures und evaluation procedures of translational medical research


Employment conditions and academic staff policies in German higher education


The Role of Review Articles in Emerging Research Areas: The Case of Synthetic Biology