Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology

Vicious circles of segregation over life course and generations

  • When Jan 14, 2019 from 06:00 to 08:00
  • Where Universitätsstraße 3b; 10117 Berlin; R002
  • Attendees Prof. Maarten van Ham Prof. Talja Blokland
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January 14, 2019
Universitätsstraße 3b; 10117 Berlin
Room 002 (Ground Floor)

This talk is free and open to anyone interested in Urban Studies. No prior registration required. Check our website for more information:

<<<Prof. Maarten Van Ham, TU Delft>>>
Vicious circles of segregation over the life course and generations

In many large cities, socio-economic segregation is increasing; rich and poor are increasingly living separated in different neighbourhoods. The rich live more concentrated than the poor because they can afford to buy houses in the best neighbourhoods. We developed a multi-level conceptual model of segregation, by using three conceptual levels – individuals and households, generations, and urban regions. Different socio-economic groups sort into different types of neighbourhoods and other domains, leading to patterns of segregation at the urban regional level. At the same time exposure to different socio-economic contexts also affects individual outcomes, and this subsequently leads to sorting processes into neighbourhoods and other domains. This vicious circle of sorting and contextual effects continuously crosses the three levels, and leads to higher levels of segregation. We end with a discussion of several intervention strategies that focus on breaking the vicious circles to improve cities as places of opportunities by investing in people, in places and in transport.