Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology

Stefania Animento

Dissertation Project


Class, Status and Mobility: The Access To Labor and Housing of Young Italian Migrants in Berlin

Research Interests:
  • social class
  • migration
  • housing
  • gentrification

The research, based on the case study of young Italian migrants in Berlin, investigates how geographical mobility is related to social mobility, in the context of the European regime of migration. In particular, it explores how flows of young migrants with different class backgrounds interact with the housing and labour market of the city of arrival. Theoretically, the study seeks to challenge established definitions of social class and status and to update them in light of the transformation of labor, the increase of geographical mobility and the emergence of new income-generating resource in contemporary capitalism. The research is based on qualitative interviews, focus groups, an online survey and the analysis of online social forums.


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