Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology

Sascha Facius

Dissertation Project


Durable Housing Inequalities -How do urban poor cope with displacement (pressures)?

Research Interests:
  • Forced migration and displacement

  • Intra-urban inequalities, gentrification and segregation

  • participatory research


How do the urban poor cope with housing displacement? What kinds of strategies do the urban poor develop? And what elements shape which strategies they deploy? To answer these questions, I unpack the idea of strategies for “coping” with the threat of displacement to arrive at sociological conceptualizations of these strategies – ones anchored in Bourdieu’s [1986] concept of capital as well as the application of Tilly’s [1999] theory of durable inequalities to housing. Empirically, I identify and analyze the anti-displacement strategies of the urban poor within the complex housing contexts of São Paulo and Istanbul by breaking down the housing market into sub-housing markets.