Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology

Eleni Triantafyllopoulou

Dissertation Project (ongoing)


Policies of the public sphere and the geography of the Crisis. The urban youth in Athens, a capital of social bankruptcy.

Research Interests:
  • urban youth
  • crisis impacts
  • labour market transformations
  • precarity

The outbreak of the economic crisis inaugurated a new period for the Greek society. Aim of my PhD project is to identify how young urbanities in Athens experience the ongoing socio- spatial transformations because of the crisis and how they undergo the precarization of the labour market and the collapsing Welfare State provisions. Through biographical interviewing and ethnographic research scope is to investigate the paths that young people create in this crisis setting, including the question of how such paths differ depending on the matrix of opportunities by class, education and social capital. Finally, it is of great interest to explore how the uncertainties of living and livelihood for the urban youth also influence the shaping and the evolution of the city.