Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology

Claudio Marcelo Garcia de Araujo

Dissertation Project (ongoing)


Brazilians in motion: migration in times of networked urbanism

Research Interests:
  • Migration

  • Social networks

  • Social capital

  • Intersectionality


As migratory processes become more complex, new patterns of sociability that do not fit to the “traditional” migratory network models are emerging. The participation in different social networks and the way in which individuals use them in diverse situations mediate their access to different structures of opportunity related to the migratory process, influencing their home-making process.This project examines how networks mediate the migratory processes, how the mobilization of such networks takes place and how the interaction of different social positions may support patterns of exclusionary practices among immigrants. The study focuses on social networks of Brazilian immigrants in Berlin, Germany.