Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology

Emile Akangoa Adumpo

Dissertation Project


Regional inequality of education in Ghana: A policy dilemma in the case of the north-south divide.

Research Interests:
  • Social inequality
  • Social exclusion and Inclusion
  • Educational policy in sub-Saharan Africa

All over the world, inclusive education is key to sustainable development in society. This research investigates the historical antecedents of educational exclusionary tendencies against northern Ghana by the colonial masters and effects of a deliberate policy introduced for their inclusion in the developmental agenda. The relationship between intractable inequalities and exclusion are socio-historical and multifaceted precipitating the backwardness of the northern part of the country compared to the south. Situating the study in Charles Tilly’s durable inequalities, I argue that opportunity hoarding accounts for the underdevelopment of northern Ghana. In-depth interviews and Q methodology are data collection tools being used.