Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Sociology


Current Dissertation Projects


Brazilians in motion - Migration in times of networked urbanism

Araujo, Claudio M. G.

Belonging to stigma - Paths to housing access in São Paulo

Goulart, Gloria

The integration of the urban poor by the mean of social housing - Focus on the case of Farahzad District in Tehran

Hamdieh, Hossein

Navigating Care between Clinic and Street - Urban Institutions' Entanglement with Bodies, Space and Marginalization

Krüger, Daniela

Right to the Post-Secular City - An ethnographic study on the Turkish women's experiences in using and constructing the public space in Berlin

Kulkul, Ceren

Migration, Sozialkapital und die Stadt

Li, Shiang-Yi

Economic Restructuring in Spain - Young People´s Emotional Landscape of Discontent

Margies, Nina

Politik von unten - aber wie? Ein Vergleich zwischen Bürgerbeteiligung, Community Organizing und städtischem Protest

Maruschke, Robert

'Débrouillards' of the digital era - Comparing practices of securing livelihood of young urbanites in Abidjan and Berlin

Schilling, Hannah

Narratives on historical neighbourhoods - The transforming representations of neighbourhood image

Tiryaki, Mohammet Esad

Of the public sphere and the geography of the Crisis - The urban youth in Athens, a capital of social bankruptcy

Triantafyllopoulou, Eleni

School choice as strategic place-based resource in Berlin. The interdependence between institutional arrangements, pro-active parents and residential segregation pattern and its effect on social stratification in Berlin’s educational system

Vief, Robert


Completed Dissertations

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