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Our research group on the road... [18.07.2019]

During this summer, we presented our research at several conferences and participated in different workshops. Daria Tisch showed the first results of our factorial survey experiment at an ECSR workshop in Stockholm in mid-May. She will also present these findings at the RC28 Social Stratification conference in August at Princeton University, USA. Later in May, Theresa Nutz spoke on employment trajectories and wealth at older ages at the workshop “New Social Risks and Pension Policies”, which took place at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Furthermore, Nicole Kapelle presented her research on the accumulation of wealth in marriage at the workshop “Money within the household: new frontiers in research, new directions for law and policy” at Oxford University in July.

manuelLISApart from presenting our research, we also focused on methodological and academic training. Manuel Schechtl participated in a workshop on financing public goods in Darmstadt in late June. In addition, he learned about the usage of harmonised data on income and wealth (LIS and LWS) in a one-week intensive course in Luxembourg. Daria Tisch acquired knowledge on how to use the programming language “Python” to analyze Big Data by participating in a workshop in Cologne in July.

We are thankful for the fruitful discussions following our presentations and look forward to including the feedback as well as our new knowledge in our further research.