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The following does not apply to the lecture "Sozialstruktur und Diversität"

Tips and Hints for Oral Exams

In order to succesfully take an oral exam you will have to prepare yourself. Besides registering for the exam -either through AGNES (only Bachelor students) or through the socalled 'Leistungsnachweis' (only Master students)- there are several other preparations you will have to make.


Before the Exam

An important requirement is a comprehensive talk with your teacher. You will have to talk about the content as well as the extent of the material tested, about the literature you will have to read for preparation, and the exact procedure of the test itself.

Some teachers require you to hand in an exposé -which may not be longer than one page- listing arguments and providing a comprehensive list of the studied literature 14 days prior to the exam. Do not forget to state your name, student enrollment number, and degree program. Please double-check with your teacher if such an exposé is required.


Requirements and Preparation

The separate topics should not overlap in content.

Profound knowledge should be acquired about all your chosen topics in order to provide a secure and well structured presentation.

You should be able to contextualize the topics and localize them in the scientific discourse.

You should provide comprehensible arguments including clear scientific terminology.

During the presentation, you will have to develop an autonomous as well as a well explained point of view.


Extent and Course of the Oral Exam

Each topic will occupy about 15 minutes of time. Hence, within a 30-minute-long exam you will be tested on two separate topics. Accordingly, for a 45-minute-long exam you will have to provide three topics. You may be asked to give a 5-minute introductory presentation per topic.

The exam will be attended by an additional teacher entitled to examine students. He_she will write a log protocol and may also ask questions. This teacher is to be announced by your professor.


What to Bring to the Exam

Please bring along

  1. your ID / passport
  2. the filled out Leistungsnachweis (only for Master students, see above)
  3. a copy of your exposé including the list of the lierature you read for preparation (just in case potential misunderstandings have to be resolved).


See also...

...the guideline "How to Write a Scientific Paper" published by the Studienbüro Sozialwissenschaften.

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