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Urszula Ewa Woźniak

Urszula Ewa Woźniak

Visiting address
Charlottenstraße 81 , Room 4.3.10
Phone number
(030) 2093-66609
(030) 2093-66541
Mailing address
Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin

Research Associate at the department of Comparative Political Sciences and Political Systems of Eastern Europe and Coordinator of the Einstein Fellows Research Group.



Making Moral Territories. New Configurations of Living Together in the Mahalle Spaces of Post-Gezi Istanbul (working title)



(2018) Diversity in the Monochrome?. In: Hohberger W., Karadag R., Müller K., Ramm C. (eds) Grenzräume, Grenzgänge, Entgrenzungen. Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

(2011) “Avrupalılaştırabildiklerimizdenmisiniz? Constructing European identity in the face of its Other”. In Regina de Miguel und Lorenzo Sandoval (Hrgs.): Correspondence from Eyjafjallajökull: MOUNTAIN ISLAND GLACIER, Broken Dimanche Press, Madrid und Berlin 2011.

(2009) “Not as Colourful as Ukrainian Villages, but Nearly as Lively as Hanoi” In: John Holten and Line Madsen Simenstad (Hrgs.): You Are Here, Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin.

(2008) (gemeinsam mit Janna Schlender): “Marcuse entfällt”. In: Berliner Blätter. Ethnographische und ethnologische Beiträge, vol. 48.




“Culture(s) of the Neighbourhood and Contested Mahalleli Formations in Post-Coup Attempt Turkey”, Neighbourhoods at Times of Change and Crisis, Workshop, Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin, 17-18 May 2018.


“From Gossip to the Moral City”, Politics from Below International Conference, Sciences Po Paris, December 2016.

“From shifting sensitivities to ‘neighborhood wars’”, Mahalle Meets Stadtquartier Colloquium, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, September 2016.

“New diversities, shifting sensitivities?”, Workshop Türkeiforschung in Deutschland IV: Grenzräume – Grenzgänge – Entgrenzungen, Turkologentag 2016, Universität Hamburg, September 2016.

“Narrating Diversity”, Diversity Encounters International Conference, Humboldt University, May 2016.


“Under Pressure: Reinventing the sensitivities of the Mahalle, Mahalle Meets Stadtquartier Colloquium, National Institute for Regional and Urban Planning, Rabat, November 2015.

“Diverse neighborhoods as sites of encounter?: Revisiting methodologies in Conviviality Studies”, RC21 International Conference, Urbino, August 2015.


“New Configurations of Living Together in Istanbul’s Historical Diverse Neighborhoods”, Berlin Istanbul Lectures Series, Bahçeşehir University Istanbul, October 2014.

“Ethnographying convivial settings beyond ‘conflict’: A methodological inquiry”, Mahalle Meets Stadtquartier Colloqium, Mimar Sinan University Istanbul, September 2014.



Society for Turcology, Ottoman and Turkey studies, NYLON Berlin