Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Comparative Political Sciences and Political Systems of Eastern Europe

Activities / Events

Public Town Hall Event (2nd year)

The EU4Law Town Hall Event will bring together practitioners, civil society actors, public officials and academics in order to discuss measures to combat the decline of rule of law in EU member states. The aim is to reflect upon best practices and further improvement of instruments and tools. Since many of them are developed on the European but implemented on the national and local level in the member state a rally around the flag effect has to be evaded. Since the capitals of Warsaw, Budapest and Prague are governed by mayors coming from political parties that are in opposition to their Eurosceptic national governments, this event shall also explore how the EU and the local level can connect in a better way.


Networking Online Event with future and current teachers (3rd year)

The EU4Law outreach event for future and current teachers will connect participants from Berlin with those in Chapel Hill through a one-day online conference that brings together practitioners from schools and researchers of education, mature and young (PhD-students) to discuss ways how to implement knowledge on the European Union into the classroom in schools.

Practitioners will provide a transnational and multidisciplinary perspective and show best practice examples. Since rule of law issues and the functioning of the judicial system on the one side and insights on the set up of the European Union, have now become part of the compulsory curriculum of the state of Berlin for the political science components in primary and in secondary schools, this is a topic of high relevance for teachers. The conference will foster the dialogue between practitioners in schools, EU institutions (representatives of them are inviteded to speak at the event) and researchers from European universities.