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Dr. Michael Hein

Dr. Michael Hein
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Dr. Michael Hein, born in 1980, studied Political Sciences, Eastern und Southern European Studies and Journalism at the University of Leipzig (M.A.).

From 2006 till 2014 he worked as a researcher at the University of Greifswald, where he also finished his Doctoral-Dissertation "Verfassungskonflikte zwischen Politik und Recht in Südosteuropa. Bulgarien und Rumänien nach 1989 im Vergleich“ (Details). His work was awarded the price of the Fritz and Helga Exner-Foundation.

In his habilitation treatise he examined eternity clauses in the constitutions of modern states and traced their origin through history of political thought.

His main research interests include constitutional politics (particularly in Middle and Eastern Europe), Politicisation ofConsitutional Courts, Political systems of Eastern Europe (particularly Bulgaria and Rumania), Systems Theory and Political Aleatoric.

Further information about publications, current scientific endeavours and his teaching you can find on his personal website: