Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Diversity and Social Conflict

Hieu Hanh Hoang Tran

Hieu Hanh Hoang Tran
hoangtra (at)

Research Interests

migration and asylum law, statelessness, anti-racism, identity politics, gender and post-colonial studies, politics of performativity


Curriculum Vitae

07/2016-08/2016: Participation in the EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue 2016 (EUAP III) on ‘Gender Equality – Progress and Challenges from an Interregional EU-ASEAN Perspective’


05/2016-07/2016: Participation in the DAAD-funded German-Moroccan Exchange Seminar on ’Critical Perspectives on Development and Cooperation’ (Free University of Berlin – École de Gouvernance et d'Economie de Rabat)


Since 04/2016: Student assistant at the Department of Diversity and Social Conflict, Humboldt University of Berlin


02/2016-05/2016: Intern at the Hardship Commission, Migration Council Berlin-Brandenburg (Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg (MRBB))


10/2015: Participation in the Capacity Building ‘How to Counter Right-Wing Populism and Extremism in Europe’, Heinrich Böll Foundation EU


Since 10/2014: M.A. Studies in International Relations at Humboldt University, Free University of Berlin and University of Potsdam




Capacity Building – Conclusions and Recommendations “How to Counter Right Wing Populism and Extremism in Europe”, Heinrich Böll Foundation EU, 24.12.2014, URL: