Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - DYNAMICS

International Network

Doctoral researchers are encouraged to spend one term at a university abroad with outstanding reputation in the junior researcher’s field of interest in order to benefit from the expertise of internationally renowned researchers in their field and to extend their international network. The PhD students can hereby rely on the extensive institutionalised international network of the Department of Social Sciences and its BGSS as well as the network of the Hertie School which is displayed in the map below.


Map of International Partner Universities






Exchange PhD programmes with:

Joint PhD programmes with:

Member of the European Graduate Network
(e.g. CEU, EUI, IHS, LSE, Sciences Po Paris, Pompeu Fabra).



Dual MA programmes with:

Exchange MA programmes with:


Visiting Researchers

We will invite leading international scholars working on topics closely related to the DYNAMICS research agenda to come to Berlin as visiting researchers for a semester or a shorter period of time where they will contribute to the programme by taking over supervision responsibilities and by offering workshops. Another major goal will be to increase the academic network of our PhD candidates by building close relationships with renowned international experts in the field which will be very helpful for their future academic career.