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Dr. David Madden at the Think and Drink Colloquium

Dr. David Madden, London School of Economics, The Housing Question in New York City: Commodification, Precarity, Resistance, Think and Drink, Monday 02.05.2016, Urban Sociology
  • Was Vortrag Stadtsoziologie Think & Drink-Kolloquium
  • Wann 02.05.2016 von 18:00 bis 20:00
  • Wo Raum 002: Universitätsstr. 3b, 10117 Berlin
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Dr. David Madden, London School of Economics

The Housing Question in New York City: Commodification, Precarity, Resistance



The contemporary era is marked by what observers from across the political spectrum identify as housing crisis. But most accounts of the housing problem see it in narrow terms that suggest narrow, technocratic responses. In contrast, this talk situates the housing crisis in a longer history of urban transformation and contestation. Examining contemporary and historical housing struggles in New York City, this talk will explore the roots of the current moment of crisis in the commodification of housing, trace the experience of residential alienation and precarity, and outline the political responses led by the city's inhabitants. In an increasingly unequal city, the need for housing alternatives has never been greater, but housing politics in New York are more constrained than ever. This talk draws in part on material from the forthcoming book In Defense of Housing, co-authored by David Madden and Peter Marcuse.




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